When touring through London, visitors should not forget to stop by the historical neighbourhood of Paddington. This was once a large buzzing city, but today it still stands out proudly with its heritage sites that contribute to the historical identity of London and the UK. Read these articles to learn more about this significant neighbourhood.

Explore with the Paddington area guide

There is no need to get lost with a helpful guide to Paddington that will help travellers to reach their destination. The guide holds updated and informative articles on famous restaurants and cafés in the area. This is an excellent way for newcomers to explore the streets of Paddington.

Discover the cultural heritage sites

Find out why this small neighbourhood plays a significant role in the history of London. Learn about the various buildings and monuments that have established Paddington as one of the most famous areas in the UK. Read more about how penicillin was discovered in this part of the world.

Look at the finest cafés

Peek at some of the finest cafés to enjoy coffee or breakfast. Some of these cafés were established way back in the early 1900s. Take time to appreciate the historical architecture in one of the oldest parts of London. Sit quietly at one of these cafés and take in the beautiful scenery.

The best dining venues

Discover some of the highest-rated dining venues for an evening out. Take a date to one of these romantic establishments. Have dinner in candlelight to make it a memorable experience. Learn why fine dining does not need to be expensive. Order a meal that is new and true to the traditions of the area.

Getting around in Paddington

Read a quick guide on the roads and areas in Paddington worth a visit. Discover interesting areas and sites in and around Paddington. Find out about taxis, buses, trains, bicycles, and other methods of transport available to visitors. Do not be persuaded to pay unreasonable amounts for transport.

Things to do in Paddington

Get a list of some interesting things to do and see in Paddington. Some of these things many travellers may not even be aware of. Read these excerpts about wonderful activities and attractions that will entertain visitors and tourists. Make sure to bring along enough spending money for the stalls.

These things are best to avoid

Take some helpful advice on things to avoid when paying a visit to Paddington. Every culture has certain conventions that may be deemed unacceptable in their society. This also includes laws and regulations that tourists or visitors may not be aware of. However, take these guidelines with a pinch of salt, as rules and regulations may change over time.

The citizens of Paddington welcome tourists

Citizens always welcome visitors and tourists to their neighbourhood. Cafés and restaurants always welcome newcomers with a smile and some delicious coffee.