Things to do and getting around in Paddington

Every historic little town or area has something to offer visitors or tourists. Paddington has many options for explorers. Here are just a few things to consider when paying a visit to this neighbourhood.

St. Mary’s Hospital

Paying a visit to St. Mary’s Hospital will land you with an opportunity to witness the laboratory of the famous Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin. This is also the place where Will and Kate’s babies were born.

The laboratory has been restored as part of the Alexander Fleming Museum. He also won a Nobel Prize for his contributions to medicine. This is a sure stop for science lovers.

Merchant Square

Visitors are sure to find some action here. This location hosts live music and a range of other exciting events. Street vendors line the square, selling traditional and interesting snacks. This is also a place for social gatherings or just for strolling through for the vibe.

The square is also very scenic as it is located alongside the canal, which could make for a romantic walk alongside a partner. The water maze is also a popular attraction, where water jets shoot out into the air, and participants should try not to get wet.

Some other activities to enjoy

Take the path to Sheldon Square, where you will be welcomed by an amphitheatre nestled in a series of restaurants, with outdoor games and free big screen shows in the summer. Experience Heatherwick’s Rolling Bridge and Paddington’s Fan Bridge in action on Wednesdays and Fridays during midday.

Another popular activity that tourists often indulge themselves in is by taking a canal boat from Little Venice to Camden. Visitors can even hire a paddleboard to go on the water themselves if they are brave enough.

For the young folks, there is a Puppet Theatre Barge keeping them busy and giving parents a little break. For the perfect picnic spot, the Norfolk Square Gardens and Talbot Square Gardens are always open. The grassy area has ping pong, giant chess, and deck chairs for those who can’t sit on the grass.

Finally, for those who might enjoy a long waterside walk, they can follow the Regents Canal to ZSL London Zoo.

Experience more

These are only a few of the activities and attractions that visitors to Paddington can indulge in. Speaking to a few citizens of the neighbourhood might provide visitors with even more things to do.